Episode 1 – Matthew Downs

This month, we talk to Matthew Downs, a rice farmer living on a remote Japanese island.

For further reading on the outlook for Japan’s rice farming industry, see Matthew’s piece on the issues he faces here. In the podcast, we also discuss the FT piece The End of the Rice Age. We also briefly discuss this piece from the New York Times.

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A new podcast


You’re Not from ‘Round Here is a podcast recorded in Japan. Richard Smart (me) and Adrian Storey are the hosts. We decided to give podcasting a go because it seemed like it could be fun and, for me at least, lacking audio skills is a bit of a problem.

Where the podcast is going to go, or how long it’s going to last, is up in the air. But for now, we are going to interview people in Japan about their lives here and relationship with the country.

Keep an eye out for our first podcast. It will be available in all the usual places.

A new podcast